Adopt Allentown

God loves cities because there are people in cities and he loves people.
— Tim Keller

In our community, it's no secret that the largest concentration of people is in the City of Allentown. You probably also know that the population of Allentown faces some unique economic challenges. But did you ever stop to think about how much God loves the city? Because God loves the city, so do we - and that's why part of our mission at Faith Church is to adopt the city of Allentown.

What does it mean to Adopt Allentown?

We don't believe for one second that we are going to come in and "save" the city - only Jesus can do that. We also don't pretend to have all the answers to complex and generations-long problems. While the needs are great, the city of Allentown also has many amazing strengths! There are also many hardworking individuals and organizations doing great work there.

That's why when it comes to adopting Allentown, our goal is to disciple and unleash equipped servants into the city. We would love to help Faith Church members get plugged in to serve with existing projects and organizations. There are tons of opportunities to get involved!