Communication Request Form

Please use this form to request communication and promotions for your ministry event. Requests are reviewed on a weekly basis, and we will contact you if we have any questions after reviewing your form. All requests must be approved by the pastoral team member overseeing your ministry (if not you) before being reviewed by the Communications team.

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Date to end promotions (if left blank, they will end the day of your event)
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Are you planning to create a Facebook event on your ministry-specific page? If yes, please invite Faith Church as a co-host to increase your reach. If no, we will create one on the main page and request your ministry's page as a co-host, if applicable. *
The Fine Print
Communication Requests are reviewed every Wednesday. Before my request is added to a Wednesday agenda, it must be approved by the Pastoral Team member who oversees my ministry (if not myself). *
Final design and verbiage is up to the discretion of the creative team. *
Requests submitted less than 6 weeks before the event date will be considered on a case by case basis, but may not be able to be accommodated. *
Final Approval *