Give Online

Giving is like training wheels of trust. When you trust God with money, you will find Him trustworthy in every area of your life. Therefore, the goal of giving is joyful worship of our faithful God!

Text to Give

Giving is quick and super easy using your smart phone. Once you set up your account, all it takes is one text message to give any amount you want directly from your bank account. 

How to Set It Up

  1. Text any amount to 84321. This will be your first gift, to the General Fund.

  2. You will receive a message back with a link. Follow the link to set up your account. 

    Keep in mind: Giving directly from your bank account means more money goes directly to Faith Church, since we get charged processing fees for credit/debit card transactions.

  3. Once your account is set up, you can give at any time by texting an amount to 84321. If you want your gift to go to a specific fund, you can do so by adding a code word: expansion for the Expansion Fund or deacon for Deacons Fund. So for example, you could text "$50 expansion" to give $50 to the Expansion Fund.

Giving Categories

General Fund

Annual operating budget, including missions
Text-to-give: no code needed

Expansion Fund

Designated for campus and/or facility expansion
Text-to-give: Expansion

Improvement Fund

Supports building, technology, and vehicle improvement and/or other replacement projects
Text-to-give: Improvement

Deacons Fund

Assists Faith Church people in financial need
Text-to-give: Deacons