Meals Ministry

Sometimes love is best expressed with food.

That's why when a member of our church family is going through a tough time, recovering from an injury or illness, or welcoming a new little person into their home, we think one of the best ways we can care for them is to take care of dinner.

If you love to cook, or if you don't mind doubling what you're making for dinner to share with somebody else, we would love to help get you connected to somebody in the church who could use a meal. Fill out the form below to be added to our volunteer list. When a need arises, we email those on the list with a link to a care calendar where you can sign up for a day that works for you.

We're also looking for people who would be willing to help with transportation. Some people are happy to cook but can't deliver - and on the flip side, there are others who would love to visit and deliver but aren't able to make meals.

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