Faith Preschool


Faith Preschool provides a quality education to a diverse population of children. It is a private Christian preschool that operates in conjunction with Faith Church. Morning classes are offered for children ages 2 years, 7 months through Pre-K. There is also an optional afternoon class for children enrolled in the morning 3’s through Pre-K classes. Our experienced staff provide a high level of love and care for the children in their classes. Working together with families, they strive to provide each child with a successful preschool experience. 

Our curriculum was designed to be developmentally appropriate in order to prepare children for entry into kindergarten. It includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Development of large motor skills (skipping, balancing on one foot, etc.)

  • Development of small motor skills (proper use of scissors, pencil grip, etc.)

  • Reading Readiness Skills (letters, name writing, retelling a story, etc.)

  • Positional Concepts (following print left to right, matching, etc.)

  • Math Readiness (number recognition, counting, patterns, etc.)

  • Language Skills (following directional terms, expressing needs verbally, etc.)

  • Social Development (sharing, cleaning up after self, respectful of others, etc.)

  • Learning about God and the love of Jesus


Have questions about Faith Preschool?

Ask Stephanie Fisher, our Faith Preschool Director!