Security Seminar

 As a church or faith community leader, have you ever wondered...


What would happen if an act of violence occurred during a worship service or gathering?


What actions have other faith communities taken to improve security?


How should leaders respond in the time before police arrive? (Did you know that the national average response time for police is 14 minutes?


What are the directional, legal, and financial implications of putting a security plan in place?


What unique security concerns affect places of worship, where large crowds gather on a regular basis?


What do I need to be doing about this?


In 2017, there were 117 violent deaths on church and faith-based property. While we all hope and pray that a tragedy like this would never happen in our own place of worship, we have a responsibility to be prepared in case it does. This seminar was recorded in March of 2017 and is available as a recording for free for other churches and places of worship.

WHAT: Seminar: Security for Places of Worship

WHERE: Faith Church, 6528 Hamilton Blvd. Allentown, PA 18106

COST: Free - please email Pastor Jeff Grant for the password.

WHAT IS INCLUDED: A presentation from Faith Church leadership on the process of developing a plan for emergency preparedness, plus a time of Q&A with local law enforcement, the Lehigh County District Attorney's office, and Faith Church's insurance agent